Come to the “most popular tech networking event in Northeast Ohio”
– Crain’s Cleveland

TechPint returns with Summer vibes on Tuesday, August 28th in the glorious surroundings of MOCA Cleveland (Museum of Contemporary Art). The event kicks off at 4:00 PM and features local tech heroes sharing their stories and lessons, companies showcasing their latest work, group tech conversations and, of course, plenty of pints. Or should we have a Piña colada?


Check out the agenda below — speakers and topics will be announced soon. For those interested in presenting, the CALL FOR SPEAKERS is now open.

4:00PM Doors Open

Get to TechPint early to check out local companies showcasing their products and employment opportunities. Food and drinks (with the first pint on us) will be served for all.


4:20PM Huddles (x3)

HACKER Ethereum, the World Computer w/ Adam Gall of Decent

The Ethereum Network with its decentralized consensus mechanism enables extreme levels of fault tolerance, ensures zero downtime, and makes data stored on the blockchain forever unchangeable and censor-resistant. At its heart is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a turning complete runtime environment for smart contracts in Ethereum. Come join Adam Gall, co-founder and CTO of Cleveland’s own blockchain development shop decent, to learn how to interact with this powerful and revolutionary system.


HUSTLER Free, Cheap and (Mostly) Easy Tactics to Promote Your Tech Business w/ Kaity Huff of  Kiwi Creative

Chances are, if you’re not working for a multi-billion dollar tech corporation, then you’re probably working with a limited budget. And because tech companies gain 40% of their leads from SEO alone, it stands to reason that a huge budget isn’t necessary anyway! So, how are you supposed to help grow your business with little-to-no extra marketing budget? We’ll talk about a few of our creative and budget-friendly ideas that will help showcase your industry expertise, build brand awareness and attract organic leads so that you can grow your case for an increased future marketing budget.




5:00PM Huddles (x3)

HUSTLER What My Daughter Taught Me About Medical Device Development w/ Jon Sakai of Cleveland Clinic

If necessity is the mother of invention, then medical necessity is the raging mama bear of invention. If you are developing a product to impact healthcare, you likely have a deeply personal reason for enduring the challenges, costs and risks in doing so. I’d like to share a bit about my family’s story and how it taught me more about this business than I’ve learned throughout my entire career.


HACKER Word Embeddings and Semantics w/ Ted Troxell of Linear Labs

A look into the evolution of computational semantics and an introduction into new techniques applied to the SemEval Challenges.




Hear two local tech heroes share their stories and lessons they learned along their way to success … or failure.



CEO & President at Mezu

7:20PM Huddles (x3)

DESIGN Making Work Easy: UX Practices for B2B Applications w/ Kier Selinsky of IgnitionOne

B2B applications often leave UX as an afterthought, relying instead on the benefits and necessity of the application to engage and retain users. In this huddle, let’s talk through some patterns and practices that improve your users’ experience in ways that increase your application’s core value, turns your users into fans, and helps connect your story during the sales process.


HUSTLER Basecamp: CLE — Keeping a Multi-City Start-Up Right Here at Home w/ Tom Donelan of Deck of Dice.

DECK of DICE Gaming is an interactive entertainment software developer for the casino industry. With its HQ in Cleveland and offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco, the company’s first game was released in Spring 2018 and has already earned more than 100,000 players. DoD’s second game is planned for release in Q4. The company participates in several start-up ecosystems, yet is not a perfect fit for any of these. In this session, Tom Donelan, DoD’s Founder, will explore the company’s effort to make the best of the advantages that each ecosystem uniquely offers.


HACKER Understanding Functional Programming for Software Engineers w/ Anthony Coble of Assurant Labs

Understanding Functional Programming for Software Engineers w/ Anthony Coble of Assurant Labs – Taking that first step to understanding Functional Programming concepts is the most important and sometimes the most difficult step. But it doesn’t have to be. Not with the right perspective. Anthony Coble, who leads the monthly cleveland -> func meetup, will help you take the first step and answer your questions during this Huddle. If you’ve already taken the first step, please join this Huddle to add your perspective.


8:00PM Huddles (x3)

HUSTLER Why Your Content is Getting Ignored – and How to Create a Marketing Strategy Your Prospects Actually Care About w/ Mike Cottrill of NgageContent

More content exists today than anytime in history. Until tomorrow. The budgets for inbound and content marketing are expected to top $300 billion in 2020. So… does anyone care what you’re doing? Even if you are doing the basics well, your content is probably getting ignored. Let’s fix that.


DESIGNER Creating More Usable Experiences Using Inclusive Design Techniques w/ Kate Penrod of Hileman Group

When creating a web experience, do you ever consider the user’s hardware quality, education, age, and/or disability? Or when designing, do you get held up by WCAG 2.1 guidelines? In this presentation, we will discuss how empathy can inspire designers to look beyond best practices and build upon ADA compliance standards to create a more inclusive web experience for all users.


HACKER IoT – The new Full-er Stack: Moving from Devices, Mobile, and Web to Systems w/ Nick Barendt of Case Western Reserve University

For the promise of IoT to deliver value to people, businesses and communities, developers, system architects, and designers need to adopt a broader definition of “full-stack”. Being an expert in one platform is no longer sufficient to be proficient. An understanding of Embedded Systems, Mobile, and Web are all necessary, but insufficient to build and deploy IoT solutions. Full-Stack IoT requires systems-level insight and experience to address analytics, load testing and scaling, smoothly evolving system functionality across multiple platforms, and comprehensive security. Join Nick Barendt as we talk about the broader technology ecosystem and systems-level IoT development.


9:00PM Pitch Improv

Back by popular demand, Pitch Improv gives you the chance to pitch a completely random and ridiculous business idea. We’ll give you the idea, you sell the crowd!