Come to the “most popular tech networking event in Northeast Ohio”
– Crain’s Cleveland

Step in out of the [hopefully] blistering Summer heat for a cold beer and plenty of tech talk. Hackers, hustlers, and designers from across Northeast Ohio will gather for another packed TechPint featuring speakers, Huddles (group discussions) and a few surprises along the way.

Tickets are only $20 and include plenty of food and a pint on us.


For those interested in presenting, the CALL FOR SPEAKERS is now open.


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Jennifer is an operator turned investor who has backed over 50 early stage startups. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Jane VC, where she invests in visionary female founders building the next great tech companies. She believes the next decade’s unicorns will be founded by a different, increasingly female, set of entrepreneurs and is positioning Jane to be the fund of choice for exceptional women at the early stage.

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Doug is an industry leader with more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience in Northeast Ohio. As the organization’s first CEO, he sets and maintains the strategic vision and culture of Bounce. An active angel investor, serial entrepreneur and mentor, Doug has helped grow businesses by providing investment opportunities and coaching to more than a dozen companies. He is a founding member of JumpStart Inc. and served on many board committees, from its inception to his final role as chairman from 2009-2012.


Learning From Mistakes: How A.I. Learns from its Environment w/ Ted Troxell

In this talk, we discuss the concept of reinforcement learning, how it’s commonly used in A.I. and how you can design your own A.I. model to trade stocks or play video games with open source technologies.


Navigating the Process of Raising Money When You’re Based in NEOhio w/ Ed Buchholz

Ed is a three-time founder with 19 years experience in running startups. He leads StartInCLE, the award-winning Northeast Ohio founder advocacy and community organization. StartInCLE has helped more than 400 founders in Northeast Ohio through supportive community, communication platforms, and educational / networking events. Additionally, he mentors numerous NEOhio startups and is always willing to help.


Just Pick a Framework: How to Make Good Tech Decisions w/ Sam Borick

For new programs and veterans alike, what tech stack to use is a difficult question to answer.  How can we learn to evaluate a framework objectively, and to stop worrying and get building?


4.4 Stars or Bust: Grow Your Business with Online Reviews w/ Cole Worley

Your customer’s journey relies on your online reputation and pervasive 5-star review sites. Let’s uncover why you need to step up your Review Game, how to do it or start so you aren’t left behind.


How to Get Your Next 100 Sales Leads w/ Ryan O’Donnell

Ryan O’Donnell (Co-Founder SellHack and Replyify) will show you the blueprint for creating a repeatable outbound sales machine to generate a steady flow of leads. You’ll learn how to build targeted prospect lists, write effective cold emails, and automate your entire sales process.


Aha, Now I Get TDD!  A Lego-based Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) w/ Mel McGee

Hackers, hustlers, and even designers can finally intrinsically learn how agile development saves time, money, and headaches from MVP through large-scale development. This workshop will introduce you to TDD using We Can Code IT’s dynamic problem- and project-based approach to learning. Not only will you get an overview of TDD, but you’ll also finally have that “Aha!” moment as you use Legos to really understand why it’s useful and, regardless of language, the high-level how it’s done.

TechPint is a popup tech conference held in venues across Northeast Ohio twice a year. Events regularly draw crowds of up to 400 hackers, hustlers, designers and others for an evening of connections, inspiration and pints.